History of Awamijamhoriforum

Awami jumhoori forum is an independent group established in 2002. The forum thinks that there is an urgent need to establish a new democratic political party in Pakistan . All existing political parties and political groups are neither democratic in their respective structures nor able to address real issues of the public at large. Political workers, on the other hand, did immense political struggle to establish a real democratic and transparent political party, which could deliver but till to date did not achieve it. If one observes the history of political struggle in Pakistan , it is amazingly tremendous but with the passage of time political workers have lost confidence on their respective political parties. It includes right wing, left wing, liberals, democrats, social democrats, communists , socialists etc. Here the complexity starts. What happen to our society especially in the last decade? One indicator of this behavior is gradual decrease in vote casting. You can observe it by reading election results of 1988, 1990, 1993, 1997 and 2002. The other equally important indicator is continuous fall of committed political worker in all above-mentioned political groups/parties. Political parties are still active only in media. This situation is alarming for numerous political workers who were involved in political struggle in different political parties and groups. On the other hand fall of Soviet Union played an important role in further demoralization especially among the workers of left wing.

This was the political scene in which some people belonging to different political groups joined their hands and tries to establish a place where potential political workers can start a dialogue onto this scene.

Hence a forum was established. Its mission is to initiate a debate " how to establish a new democratic party in Pakistan".

This forum is an amalgam of liberals, democrats, left-wingers and social democrats. A member must agree on following points

•  Democracy (in the party and in the country)

•  Pro-people policies

•  Enlightenment

•  Intera faith harmony (within Islam or with other religions)

•  Transparency (financial as well as political)


Forum decided that a working body would run the daily affairs while all the major decisions will pass in the general body meeting I-e once in three months.

Forum decided to start a monthly magazine, which will reflect all viewpoints of above mention groups.

Forum decided to start a monthly lecture series to explore new ideas regarding political struggle

Forum decided that NGOs are part and parcel of new political thinking and one should have a close contact with them but not to take money or resources from NGOs in shape of projects.

Forum decided that it is neither a political party or alliance nor an NGO

Under these decisions forum is working smoothly.

Till to date we are publishing a monthly magazine under the title Awami Jumhoori Forum. Its 23rd issue is in process.


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