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Awami Jamhori Forum Journal

Awami Jahmori Forum is an independent journal. Its main aim is to initiate a debate to establish a new democratic party in Pakistan which would not only believe in democracy but also shall have a democratic structure within itself. You may find here people writing who are progressives, liberals, humanists, democrats and others believing in human equality who think without having a clean political process, one may not be able to move towards a real political change. There is an immense need to review our political past, identify our weaknesses and recollect our strengths, leaving our past prejudices behind, hope to build a new future and to complete this debate in the shape of a new Democratic Party. Come and join us in the struggle to develop a progressive, non - sectarian and moderate Pakistan which would be respecting cultures and subcultures existing in all nationalities living in Pakistan.

Awami Jamhori Forum Magazine

Amir Riaz

Joint Editors:
Kalib Ali Sheikh
Pervaiz Majeed

Art Editor:
Qaisar Nazir Khawar
Emmanuel Iqbal 

Khurram Baqa

Advertisements & Circulation:
Rana Abdur Rehman

AJF Latest Issue (53rd)
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اقبال بالی ڈھلوں
دیاں لکھتاں جیڑیاں
عوامی جمہودی فورم
تے چپھیاں، ایتھے پڑھو ۔

اقبال بالی ڈھاوں دا انثرویو

یاداں تے باتاں
سید سبط
الحسن ضیغم

We desire to expand Awami Jamhori Forum in all our mother tongues. Join hands with us. Volunteer to translate in Punjabi, Sindhi, Pashto, Balochi and other mother tongues.
The year 2012 is dedicated to Saadat Hasan Manto for his 100th birthday (11th May 1912). Awami Jamhori Forum Journal will publish a Manto Number in May 2012. Saadat Hasan Manto is needed to be related to this century regarding his works and his message. We invite all those who intend to write in this perspective about Manto. They should send their articles by 30th April 2012.